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Archtop Guitars

  • Abbott-Victor archtop 1930
    Pete's Private Stash - POA Abbott-Victor archtop 1930
    Made around 1930 by Jack Abbott, son of English Banjo maker JD Abbott. Little is known about this guitar. I've owned it for the past 36 years. It was a basket case after the original owner painted cows on the front and cut a...
  • Epiphone Triumph Masterbilt 1934
    SOLD Epiphone Triumph Masterbilt 1934
    A piece of history in your hands, this jazz legend was made in New York in 1934 when Epiphone and Gibosn were arch(top) rivals. The Triumph "Masterbilt" was released as a part of an extensive model lineup a few years earlier...
  • Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop 1st release 1984 E523956
    SOLD Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop 1st release 1984 E523956
    Here's something you don't see every day. This is a first year Fender D'Aquisto Elite Archtop made in Japan in 1984. The serial # E523956 puts it in the first batch of Elite archtops that Fender made in a close partnership...
  • Gibson ES-175 Sunburst 1951 A-9438
    $9,000.00 Gibson ES-175 Sunburst 1951 A-9438
    Remember the little old lady who only drove her car to church on Sundays? This is her guitar.This is a 1951 Sunburst single P90. ONE OWNER SINCE NEW. The lady owner is now in her early 80's, but she bought this ES-175 and a...
  • Gibson ES-175 Sunburst 1951 A-9847
    SOLD Gibson ES-175 Sunburst 1951 A-9847
    A beautiful 1951 ES-175 featuring a single P90 and loads of charisma in superb condition - the sort of look and feel you only get from a 50's guitar. Warm, pretty and wonderful. How could you ever choose a new model over one...
  • Gibson ES-175D Sunburst 1955
    SOLD Gibson ES-175D Sunburst 1955
    There's something about 175s that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. One of Gibson's longest serving lines, the 175 is the Jazz stalwart. The go-to guitar that will save you in an awkward set by covering a wider gamut of tones...
  • Gibson ES-330 Block Cherry 1962
    $8,995.00 Gibson ES-330 Block Cherry 1962
    A beautiful 1962 Block inlay ES-330. Superb condition with strong, rich and very clean Cherry finish. From 1962 the 330's had a slightly larger neck, still very slim and certainly nothing like the baseball bat necks of the...
  • Gibson ES-330 Dot Cherry 1961 34224
    $7,995.00 Gibson ES-330 Dot Cherry 1961 34224
    Gorgeous, almost mint condition single pickup ES-330. Fabulous dead-straight slim neck only available on models from '60 and '61 and featuring a single P90 which gives - IMHO - the best sound of any 330. Now they're all...
  • Gibson ES-330 Dot Cherry 1961 41731
    $12,995.00 Gibson ES-330 Dot Cherry 1961 41731
    She's arrived - A one owner, all original 1961 Dot 330 P90 in Cherry in excellent overall condition. Contrary to popular misconception, the ES-330 was not a cheaper ES-335 - in fact had nothing to do with the 335. The 330...
  • Gibson ES-335 1959 Nashville
    $5,995.00 Gibson ES-335 1959 Nashville
    Purchased for a film prop rental, this is a Custom Shop RI of the 335 from '59. Completely different from the current various reissues, this one is identical to the original (as much as humanly possible). Slight flame top...
  • Gibson ES-335 Studio Dot RARE 1988
    SOLD Gibson ES-335 Studio Dot RARE 1988
    These things are rock and roll's version of a Hummer. They're built like a tank and they've got the meanest set of pickups Gibson ever made. They're a working man's Dot 335 but they sound more like a Les Paul on steroids...
  • Gibson L-4 1927
    $7,200.00 Gibson L-4 1927
    There are so many wonderful  acoustic Gibsons; 1928-34 L-5s, pre-'55 small-guard J-50's, early round-bottom Nick Lucas Specials and this stunning model: The '27 L-4. There were many changes to the L-4. Perhaps more than...
  • Gretsch 6123 'Monkees' 1967
    SOLD Gretsch 6123 'Monkees' 1967
    Hey hey we're the Monkees ... Not often you see a Red Gretsch. Incredibly rare to see a one-owner 6123 Monkees model. Original case, warranty, hang-tags, strap ... you get the picture. Jeepers.This is a fully hollow, highly...
  • Guild CE100 D 1969
    SOLD Guild CE100 D 1969
    The Hoboken NJ built Guild CE100 Jazz guitar had the enviable reputation as having the fastest neck of any guitar. This one is in lovely condition, features a Bigsby Tremolo tailpiece and the warm yet sparkling tone of the...

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